Clean the camera’s contacts

Clean the camera’s contacts
Manuel focus, ISO 320, F.3.2 Shutter speed 1/8,000

I met a photographer colleague, Magnus Larsson from Köping,Sweden the other day and told him about my annoyance that one of my lenses had stopped working in the middle of a shoot for a client and I did not understand why.

It was the autofocus that did not respond (could focus manually), but at that time I did not trust my own eye so I continued that client shooting with another lens so the customer never noticed any difference but I was sad that my < strong> Canon Macro EF 100 mm F 2.8 USM lens could no longer focus.

Magnus comment.

- Have you tested cleaning the contacts between the camera and the lens?

-I’m like No, I haven’t


And luckily that was the only thing that was wrong and it really meant that nothing was wrong at all!

I was so happy, so I want to tell you in case you also happen to come across something similar happening to you. You just need to polish up the contacts on the camera body that 'talk' to your lens.

Fall from high altitude

My macro lens has a while back fallen down from a 1.6m height IKEA dresser straight down onto a stone floor, so I thought “well, now the lens packed together, it no longer worked".

The only thing that broke that time was the UV filter I had on the lens, so I bought a new but otherwise, the lens was okay!

It was a bit difficult to remove the UV filter when the glass was cracked and the plastic thread had been damaged but after a little bit of fiddling it went off.

Happy Shooting!

/ Helen

Manuel focus, ISO 320, F. 2.8, Shutter speed 1/2,500

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