Photograph in existing light

Photograph in existing light
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Turn Challenges into Opportunities

When shooting in existing light it can sometimes be good to take help from a reflector to get some light into the darker areas but also to soften hard shadows that can be caused by shooting in bright daylight. A reflector helps you steer the light where you want, which can be towards a person's face, for example. Using tinfoil, a white wall, t-shirt or a white bed sheet as a reflector is perfectly excellent.

One thing to keep in mind when shooting in existing light is not to stand in bright sunlight but instead try to find some shade from something that does not give color to what you are photographing. For example, a tree can give a person a yellow-green face while a red roof gives a reddish tint. But compared to direct sunlight, a tree is preferable as skin tones can be edited afterwards. In some cases, it can also be fixed in the camera if you change the camera's white balance to something other than Auto White Balance (AWB).

Personally, I sometimes like to add some light by using flash. For example, if you photograph a person, the light from the flash will be reflected and create a slight flash of light in the eye ( I call it a twinkle in the eye), making the eye look more alive. When taking a natural photograph of a person, you do not always get the image you want unless you choose to edit it waterwards.

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The strength of existing light

Taking photos with existing light on a cloudy day is very beautiful as there are no sharp shadows. It is also great for photographing in backlight to get nice pictures with beautiful silhouettes. </ Span> </ p>

If you want the background to be overexposed and not visible, it is very easy to shoot in natural light. However, if you want to keep the background as it is, you may need to post-process the image to highlight it.

Using an ND filter can be helpful as you can maintain the background as it is but probably light is needed to brighten the person's face if you do not choose to adjust this afterwards in, for example, the photoshop. Here you can read more about how an ND filter works and how to use it.

If you have any questions, just contact me.

/ Helen Shippey

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